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Midhunesh B Raj

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Post Date : 04 Jun 2023

Idukki dam is one of the hydroelectric power station in the world. It is beautiful and it is one of the highest arch dam in the world. Idukki arch dam is constructed between two mountains known as Kuravanmala and Kurathimala. The height of Idukki arch dam is 168.91 m. The important thing we have to note is that the dam will only open at weekends or on a public holiday. It is a wonderful place for a family to visit. Idukki dam was constructed along with other two dams known as Kulamavu dam and Cheruthoni dam. This dam was constructed and maintained by Kerala State Electricity Board also known as KSEB. Idukki dam is constructed over periyar river. This dam's construction was completed on 30 April 1969. 

Our trip lasts 2 days in Idukki and we spent second day in Idukki dam. We didn't spend the whole day in Idukki dam but it took 3 to 4 hours to see around Idukki dam. We must walk 2 km to see around Idukki dam. We can also go in a small car to see around Idukki dam. We must walk through Cheruthoni dam to see Idukki arch dam as it is constructed nearby. We reached there by 9:50 am and we entered there by taking tickets. We saw Cheruthoni dam's shutter opening mechanism. It had 5 shutters. It was an amazing mechanism.

The distance between Idukki arch dam and Cheruthoni dam is little bit far. After we crossed Cheruthoni dam, we went inside a cave known as Vaishali cave. This cave was inbetween the way of Idukki arch dam and Cheruthoni dam. Vaishali cave got its name from a movie named Vaishali. This movie was released on 1989 which was super hit. This movie's little part was took in that cave so it got its name as Vaishali cave. This cave has only little distance and it's cold inside it. 

This cave is different from other caves. In Idukki dam there are many other caves like this. We then went inside Vaishali cave. To go to Vaishali cave, there will be a separate route. That route will be a little bit long but it will head us to Vaishali cave. We should walk up to Vaishali cave. After we saw Vaishali cave, we continued our walking. Before we reach the idukki dam, there will be a ice cream and drinks shop. We ate ice cream and continued walking. We reached Idukki arch dam.

From there, we saw the top part of Idukki arch dam. It was very beautiful spot.Then we returned through the same route.When we were returning, we sat on a place where we can sit and rest for sometime. We sat there for sometime and we started walking from there. That sitting place is near the route of the Vaishali cave. We enjoyed our trip and it was amazing trip in my life. It was not that much sunny when we started walking from Cheruthoni dam and returned back. The timings of Idukki dam is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. In my opinion, Idukki dam is a different experience. You must visit and enjoy it. As I said IDUKKI DAM IS AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE...