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Ayyappancoil Hanging Bridge

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Important Info

  • Entry Time : 24hrs open
  • Best Time :  After 4pm
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Ayyappancoil (a.k.a Ayyapankovil) is a small and beautiful village, evacuated area of hydro-electric project. The major attraction of this area is the hanging suspension bridge which connects two villages in the bank of the river Periyar.

The surrounding area of the bridge is very pleasant and attracts people who likes the blend of nature and architecture. A temple near this bridge with 300 years of history and the dam reservoir add to the uniqueness of this bridge.

Travel Tips

  • There are a lot of opportunities for taking good photos, especially selfies. 
  • Nice destination for families, friends, or even for solo traveler.
  • Located around 30 km away from Thekkady.
  • During monsoon surroundings would be filled with water from Idukki dam, is a visual treat to the tourists.

Detailed Information

The name of the village Ayyappancoil came from the temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa and it is said that Ayyappancoil was a big township in early 1960s. When the Dam was constructed, an old bridge was submerged and the tribal community across the river were isolated and this hanging bridge was built by the authorities to facilitate transportation.

The view of the bridge itself is beautiful and attractive. While walking on the bridge we can feel the breeze of the wind which will  mesmerise anybody. One can see the combination of the green meadows and water when we look down from the bridge and it's a big visual treat.

It is very well mentioned the unique native boat (kadathu Vallam) journey through the reservoir is operated by locals. Boat rowing was also a good experience. The background will be filled with native animals.  People can enjoy the scene of birds catching fishes from the river.

The walk to the temple on the other side of the reservoir is an interesting experience. But it is possible only during the summer. When the rainy season starts,  water from Idukki dam enters the surroundings of the temple which is a fantastic view for the visitors. 

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