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Important Info

  • Best Time : Dec - Feb
  • Adventure Zone : Rs.70
  • Leisure Zone : Rs.70
  • Boating + Sanctuary : Rs.70
  • Butterfly Safari : Rs.70
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Thenmala is one of the well known tourist destination of Kollam district in Kerala. It lies towards the eastern side of Kollam district, almost 66km away from Kollam. The distance between Nedumangad, a famous town in Thiruvananthapuram and Thenmala is 54km. Thenmala lies within the conjunction of Kollam - Tamilnadu road and Thiruvananthapuram - Tamilnadu road. 14km away from Thenmala is Aryankavu, the Kerala-Tamilnadu Border.

Thenmala was selected by the World Tourism Organisation as one of the premier eco-friendly projects in the world. There are 10 eco-tourism spots in Thenmala that covers the great hill ranges of Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta and Kollam districts.

Some popular spots in Thenmala includes the sway bridge, the winding pathways, sculpture garden, children park, Nakshatravanam, Butterfly Park and Deer Rehabilitation Centre. Various kinds of trekking is also available.

The rare flora and fauna on display are truly exquisite and will remain in our memory for a long time.

Travel Tips

  • Good to plan a complete day at Thenmala, starting at around 9 - 10 AM.
  • Accommodation will be arranged by the Kerala forest department on priority basis. 
  • They will advice you to buy ticket for all attractions together, politely decline. Skip Dam visit / Sculpture park if there is no time.
  • Not much of dining options.
  • Be prepared for some long walks and climbs as it is very tyring.
  • A boat ride in the majestic Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is something memorable.
  • Leisure zone is a good area to relax. It has a food court, shooing court and an amphitheatre. The musical fountain here is famous among tourist.
  • Must Try - Enjoy elevated walkway to river crossing and rock climbing, mountain biking and rappelling at the Adventure zone.

Detailed Information

A visit to Thenmala ensures a visit to some unique spots. The staffs are well trained and will provide the required help and information at all times.

Thenmala is derived from malayalam word "theen" means honey and "mala" means mountain. It can be translated as Honey Hills. High quality honey is exported from this area.Its predominantly a forest area. The forest is famous for the timber that is in much demand across the country. The region is also famous for its tree plantation.

Thenmala dam is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala. The water from the reservoir is also used for power generation. It was started under Kallada irrigation project.

Thenmala is Asia's first Butterfly Safari Park. The Safari Park climate recreates normal living space for butterflies of all the diverse species. It is said be a house of 125 types of butterflies. One can see the life cycle of butterflies in this park. 

There is a Deer Rehabilitation Centre in Thenmala were various species of deer are bred here. One can see Barking Deer (Kezha Maan in Malayalam), Sambar Deer (Mlave), Spotted deer[Pulli Maan in Malayalam]. When the population reaches optimum levels the deers are released into the forest. It is bulit within the forest region of Kallada river. 

Nakshatravanam is a garden comprising of 27 trees associated with the 27 birth stars. You will be blessed to see all the 27 trees planted in the garden. Walking through the garden you will get more information on the trees. One can take home a sapling of the tree related to their own birth star. For those believing in astrology this would be a fascinating experience.

From Thenmala only 18 minutes is required to reach the famous Palaruvi Waterfalls. 24 km from Thenmala is Rosemala a well known and tough tourist destination. An one hour travel from Thenmala will take us to Courtallam, a famous waterfall in Tamilnadu. While travelling through this route  you can see the famous Kazhuthuruthy Bridge also known as Pathimoonu Kannara Bridge.It is one of India's oldest mountain rail route. 

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