Pawsome Trip to Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

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Baishakhi Rana

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Post Date : 13 Jan 2023

Brownie’s awesome road trip stories🐾🐾

A pawsome trip to Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu almost 500 km from Bangalore and we covered it in 10 hrs including breaks✌️

It was a two day trip to the hills with our Brownie🤗🐶

Kodaikanal is lovingly referred to as The Princess of Hill stations✌️Built around an exotic star shaped lake, the region exudes ethereal charm like that of fairy-tales🐟🌴🌲🌳With temperatures occasionally dipping below 8 degrees, the atmosphere is the perfect blend of chilly and cozy. Cliffs, valleys, waterfalls and forests, carved out of nature’s nooks and crannies, band together as one🗻💦⛰️

We stayed in a very good pet friendly property Lilly’s Valley Resort😍The location and the view were both mesmirising🤗. We checked into a family room as that would give Brownie ample space to roam about in the room and find her cozy place🐶🐶 We got a very nice view of the hills from our room and balcony😍

Day 1: We started our journey at around 7 am and checked in the resort at around 5 pm and arranged our luggage and everything. Roamed the property, did some photoshoot, brownie enjoyed her walk in the cool weather of the hills. We had some snacks and Brownie completed her dinner little early with rice and curd and went off to sleep😅


Day 2: We woke up in the morning at around 6am and enjoyed the cool breeze and the scenic beauty of the hills with Brownie. We had our breakfast. Brownie also had her light breakfast with few biscuits. 

Then we started exploring the place. 

➡️We went to Kodaikanal lake, which is a great attraction among tourists. We had a walk around the lake . Soft blue sky, soothing sunshine and ever blooming flora litters the plains🤗

➡️Then we went to coaker’s walk. Here dogs are allowed inside with a ticket. Coakers Walk is a beautiful man-made one-kilometre-long walking plaza built on the mountains in the mesmerizing town of Kodaikanal. The lovely path of Coakers Walk that curves by the edge of the gorgeous mountain have been constructed mainly for morning and evening walks🤗🤗

➡️It was almost 2 pm when we completed coakers walk. We were all very hungry. We have researched earlier about the pet friendly cafe in Kodaikanal. So we went to a cafe named Muncheezs but we were told dogs r not allowed in festival days😌Though we were bit disappointed but we discovered another gem“Cloud Street Cafe & Restaurant”. Though it’s not pet friendly but they allowed us in their outdoor seating with Brownie and to say the least we enjoyed thoroughly the food and the ambience. Brownie had her sausages for lunch😅 


➡️After a sumptuous lunch we headed towards Dolphin Nose, which is quite famous destination for tourist. Situated at a distance of 8km from the Queen of Hills, Dolphin’s Nose Kodaikanal. With an altitude of 6600 feet, the Dolphin’s Nose offers enthralling views of the entire town. Rugged terrains, clear skies, plunged valleys, and the splendour of lush green surroundings is what sums up the beauty of Dolphin’s Nose. 


After we completed our visit it was almost 5pm and we headed back for the day to our resort. Other than this places u can also visit Bear Shola falls , 2 km from Kodaikanal, Pillar rock, Bryant park. 


Day 3: We woke up, had our breakfast, took few snaps and fall back to Bangalore. As it was new year eve, it was quite hectic for all of us specially Brownie. It took us more than 12 hrs to reach Bangalore due to bad traffic all throughout the journey🙂

’In life it’s not where u travel, it’s who u travel with’🫶🐶😍😇