My First ever Solo Trip To mark my 50th Birthday and My Dads first Death Anniversary

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Kavita Mansur

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Post Date : 15 Jun 2023

Year 2022 was not so kind on me since the day after my birthday  on may 1st my dad left me all alone. So this year I was not interested in celebrating my special Birthday 50th one. Against the wish of my family and friends I announced a solo trip just to escape from the celebrations. But had no idea where would I go on my first solo trip. It looked as if I got a call from my divine and all of a sudden I decided to go to Rameshwaram ( Dakshina Kaashi- As my Mom refers to it)

No Direct flights and non availability of train, I booked Swammy Ayyappa Ac Slleper Bus yhrough

Booked 2 nights stay at Hotel Ashoka through Make my trip ( it is at a  walkable distance from Swamy Ramanath Temple/ good staff /pure veg food)

For the return journey Booked a flight  Madurai to Bangalore

Never expected that My first Solo trip was going to be sooooo blissful and peaceful and memorable. Had beautiful darshans -Total 4 Dashans including 2 evening artis which were soul awakening

The temple has beautiful corners where I could sit alone and do my meditations and say my chants for long times.

On day two morning I went to Agni teertham  ghat and did Tarpan Puja in the name of my Father - an absolutely blissful experience to visit the ghat at 6 am in the morning and perform the sacred puja 

During the days I travelled to Dhanushkodi ( Ruined city). Ram Setu Bridge/ Dhanushkodi beach- the southernmost tip/ Kalam House

To get the local shopping experience I also visited House Of Kalam- beautiful artifacts/ artifitial  jewellery/ sarees

It was a great fun taking local autos for the city travel.

Day 3 morning Since I had not booked my journey from Rameshwaram to Madhurai I took an Ac government bus ( sat in the Govt bus after ages)

NOTE: everybody should take these solo trips to spend some time with themselves. Believe me they are very refreshing and am already planning my next one-I already got my call from my next destination

Sorry for a long post with some personal touches

Bye un till I share my next travel experience

Kavita Mansur