Illikkal Kallu (ഇല്ലിക്കൽ കല്ല്) Must watch Place if you love Adventure travel and Trekking

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Post Date : 28 Jun 2022

Illikkal Kallu comprises three hills, each rising to 4,000 ft above sea level. Each of the hills has a peculiar shape. One of them resembles a mushroom, which is why it is known as Kuda Kallu (umbrella-shaped rock). It is said that the medicinal herb Neela Koduveli grows here.

The view from illikal kallu is mesmerizing with numerous hills rising to the clouds and the deep valleys. DTPC(District Tourism Promotion Council) has em-placed a check-post <1 km before the summit and private vehicles are not allowed after this point. Visitors needs to pay entry fees and parking fees at the counter here and can opt for a walk to the summit or utilize Jeep safaris provided by DTPC to reach the top.