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  • Location : Kerala

  • Best Time :  October - December

  • Railway Station :  Nilambur

  • Airport : Calicut

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Nilambur is a small town in the Malappuram district of Kerala, South India. It is situated on the banks of the Chaliyar River and close to the Nilgiris range of the Western Ghats. It is about 40 kilometers from Malappuram city to reach the Nilambur town.

Conolly's Plot, one of the major attraction is just 2km from the town. This is renowned for the oldest teak plantation in the world and the oldest teak tree, Kannimari, is a rare attraction at the Conolly Plot. The plot extends across 2.31 hectares beside the Chaliyar river at Aruvakode. World's first Teak Museum is located at the Nilambur and the Kerala Forest Research Institute takes care this museum. 

Another important tourist attraction in Nilambur is the train journey from Shornur to Nilambur with lots of panoramic views. Few other major attractions are the Adyan Para waterfalls, Koyippara Waterfalls, Nedumkayam etc.

We can cover all the tourist attractions in Nilambur in a couple of days time.

Travel Tips

  • The 66km train journey from Shornur to Nilambur would definitely be a dream trip for everyone.
  • One can taste the famous Malabar cuisine.
  • Rainy season is the perfect time to visit Nilambur. 

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Detailed Information

Nilambur is a small town on the eastern end of Malappuram district. As Nilambur is close to the western ghats, it is blessed with a wide variety of forests, geographical areas and many tourist attractions. Is it considered as one of the major  ecotourism destination in Kerala. It offers great natural and wildlife experiences. The place is also noted for its tribal settlements and ancient kovilakom - residences of maharajas.

The 2 hour train journey on the 66 kms stretch between Nilambur and Shoranur during the rainy season is the best opportunity enjoys the beauty of nature. This is one of the shortest broad gauge railway lines in Kerala with a single track of 66 kms. This is considered as the most beautiful railroad in Kerala.  

The longest Hanging Bridge in Kerala, across river Chaliyar will take one to the Conolly plot, which is just 300 metres off the Calicut-Nilambur-Ooty State Highway. Nedumkayam, just 18 km from Nilambur town, is noted for its rich rain forests. Nedumkayam in the Nilambur reserve forest, where one can have a close look at the elephant camp run by the forest department.