A visit to Sholay hills- Ramadevara Betta (Mountain) - Paradise for Trekkers

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Post Date : 29 Nov 2021

Ramadevara Betta (mountain) is located in the Silk City of Ramnagara, which is just 50 odd km from Bengaluru. Ramnagara is a bustling town off the Mysuru-Bengaluru highway (NH275) & is famous for the Rocky Mountains. The famous blockbuster Sholay was shot on this picturesque Hill. Since the 1970s this location has become extremely popular among tourists.

Numerous Rock climbing & adventure camps are abound catering to the booming apatite of the adventure-loving urban crowd. Folks travelling from Bengaluru, watch out for a huge Hanuman statue once you reach Ramnagara. The statue is located at the entrance of the road leading to the Ramadevara Betta.

It is the only Vulture Sanctuary in India and one of the best regions for trekking. Different species of birds can also be found in this region but it is especially famous for the vultures. These scavengers hunt small animals like Rats and Rabbits in the various nooks and corners of the hill and can be found hovering in circles. Birds like the Long-billed Vulture and yellow-throated Bulbul can be found in this area., it comes under the jurisdiction of the Forest department. Entry is restricted and the gate opens only by 9 AM. From the gate, vehicles are let inside for a nominal fee. You can spot the vultures right from the forest gate itself – they will be perched upon the rocky walls of the mountains. There are two varieties found here – the Egyptian vulture and the Long-billed vulture.

The drive inside is a short fare and visitors will have to get down at the foothills of the mountain. From there, there are steps leading to the Rama Temple (about 450 steps). The climb is dotted with smaller temples along the way and is quite enjoyable. The Rama Temple is quite a charming one and the idol itself is quite unique with Sita sitting on Rama's lap. Legend has it that Rama stayed here briefly during his journey towards Sri Lanka. Also, the other legend is that Jatayu (the vulture that tried to stop Raavana when Sita was being kidnapped) succumbed to his injuries here after narrating the kidnapping incident to Rama – this is believed to be one of the reasons (in addition to being a prime Vulture habitat) for declaring the area as a "Vulture Sanctuary".

The view from the top of the hill is breathtaking and the fresh, light breeze will relax your body and mind. The trees in the distance sway harmoniously with the cool and calm gushes of wind against the clear blue sky. This location is best for a quick trip with your friends or family members. 

It is an exquisite spot for adventure. The route to climbing the mountain may seem a little treacherous however this danger is not fatal and is quite appealing to trekkers. This Hill will provide you with unique experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life. There is a temple situated on the top and the pinnacle of the hill offers a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the neighbouring areas.

Some of the important things that you should carry while travelling is a water bottle, some food. It is best to visit early in the morning as the weather is pleasant and plenty of sunlight is available. You can come here during any season, however, it is best to avoid monsoon since the moisture and the rain create a lot of fog and make the trekking trails slippery. This place is well known for its overwhelming scenic beauty.

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