Trip to Wayanad The hill district of Kerela.

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Post Date : 04 May 2022
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Wayanad trip is one of the best trip for me. Wayanad known as the hill district of Kerela. It is famous for wildlife and its spice plantations.

On that special day we reached wayanad at 4o' clock evening. Then we went to our resort, there we booked tree house for two days and staying tree house is the best feeling. The tree house located in the middle of coffee plantation sorrunded by tall trees and we could smell the coffee beans, sound of birds and whistle. Finally after a long day journey from Bangalore we had our dinner and slept.

Next day morning we had our complementary breakfast from the resort and we went for sight seeing. Our first destination was Pookode lake. In the lake we did boating & to company me was my husband and my 2 year old baby. We took a two seater pedal boat that cost us rupees 300.There were also option for 4 seater pedal boat, motor boat and even i could see cycling written in one of the display boards. Then our next destination was The Lakkidi view point around 30mins drive from the lake. It is famous for its mesmerising scenery of the mountains and the valley beneath. Our next destination was majestic & the Asia's 2nd biggest Earth dam, the Banasura sagar dam. The Banasura Sagar dam is located 21 km from Kalpetta, in Wayanad District of Kerela. It is a must see tourist attractions of Waynad. It was almost evening around 4 o clock when we reach the dam. We preferred the bus ride that cost both of us around Rs 300. However can also walk till the dam that will take one way around half an hour. The dam was huge and picturesque with grass field on the background. It also had a solar power generation station that was again unique. After that  finally it was dark and we had to head back to our resort ie. to my favourite tree house. Also on the way we had a look at the market place and bough some souvenirs like a typical Kerela style row boat, a freeze magnet and embroidered clutch that i found very unique to Kerela and something to cherish my memories of Kerala. The way back to resort  was also the  best view ever had between the coffee plantation and aroma of coffee beans. 

The next day after we had our complementary breakfast from the resort and we with a heavy heart had to finally check out from the resort then we went headed for the  Rubber plantation. It was a unique experience as  because its the  first time I watched Rubber plantation and how raw latex is collected from rubber trees. After that  we headed to Wayanad Tea Museum. It is a must visit place for Wayanad and for all those Tea lovers. It is a well maintained 100 year old tea factory that is converted into a Tea Museum for the tourist. It is a three floored building There entry fee is rs20 per person. We experience our history of tea plantation and  also we saw all the  machineries used in past for cultivation and processing of tea. They have variety of tea, coffee, essential oil. There we had chocolate tea and cardamon tea (my pick of the lot). The per cup cost rupees 50 and it was great to  taste. After that we went tea plantation and it is full of greenery and a awesome view. We took pictures and  it was a wonderful feeling. After that we went to the ancient Jain Temple, well maintained but the access to the temple was locked. After that finally started our return journey to bangalore. It is must visit place as they say God's Own Country and this trip is one my best trip till date .