Talakadu, a mysterious town buried under the sand | An ideal weekend getaway from Bangalore

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Post Date : 12 Apr 2022

Talakadu is a small town with lots of history and tales. It is situated at a distance of 130 kms from Bangalore. For some mysterious reasons, Talakadu began to go under the sand along the Kaveri river. All of this started happening around the 17th century. During the 200+ years, people started abandoning the town and the many temples and monuments here were gradually buried under the sand.

The Archeological department has excavated around 30 temples so far. But there are five temples in particular which are famous in and around Talakadu and are visited by many pilgrims as part of "Panchalinga Darshana" which happens once in 12 years. ​​​Apart from the temples one can also take a dip in river Kaveri and enjoy a soothing coracle ride. ​​​

During my visit to this historical town we stayed at Raya resort - The River Club. As there was a private access to the river from the resort one can indulge in various water sport activities like Kayaking, pedal boat ride, speed boat ride and also enjoy the campfire at night by the side of the river. Checkout the video below to know more about this historical town.