Pyramid Valley-Weekend Mustvisit place of Bangalore

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Post Date : 22 Aug 2023

Pyramid Valley....which is within a short drive from Bengaluru city, had become a much  preferred Weekend Destination.

Pyramid Valley International, a serene valley surrounded by greenery and small hills, is the perfect place for going deep within oneself. The 28-acre campus hosts the world's largest pyramid structure built solely for meditation.

Being an Weekend, and being only 26km on kanakapura road from my place, we started after having an light breakfast for an 50kins drive.

Googling on the way, we found out that this beautiful pyramid, amidst rocky hills and  lush valley, there is a slate gray Buddha Pyramid, built for yoga and meditation, features impressive dimensions. The base area of the structure is 160 x 160 feet, while 102 feet is its height. The pyramid can easily accommodate around 5,000 visitors at one time owing to its brilliant dimensions. This Buddha Pyramid happens to be the largest, even though there are many meditation pyramids all over the world.

And true to our reading, we entered campus which was welcomed by an small hillock with an waterfall view, beyond is which carjacking.

After an small round of this, we entered main campus campus which has accommodations on tge way.The campus provides living accommodations of various criteria.As you walk , you could see  Slate grey pyramid.among lustgreen valleys 🇬🇱  and  rocky hills ⛰️,  is addressed as Maitreya Budha could sense an towering, stately mass of concrete and steel... The minds and bodies of those who meditate in its cool interiors are said to imbibe those very qualities. Built in 2005, it is a relatively new landmark to the city but is one nevertheless.

Even though entry fee is nominal, there is entry for only above 5yrs to this structure,however there's park, greener space where you can engage kids if you are travelling with them.But experiencing the meditation  🧘‍♂️ inside is one of Lifetime which you should feel 😀. 

The main aim of this organization is to help every individual and every community to find the answers for their inner questions. They follow the path of Buddhism and thus people no matter what caste, creed or religion they belong to can enter this place. The ambience here is very quiet and serene and this is an add on when it comes to detoxification of your mind and body. The spiritual leaders of all communities gather here and preach harmony. They also try to make everyone aware of the value of scientific ways of meditation and usefullness of vegitarianism

Also there's an cafeteria,  and lunch services everyday for free.The green trees 🚜  provides an feast tonthe eyes as well as 📸  photographers.You could easily spend an entire day without a single thought of outside world away from hustle bustle pollution  routine schedules.