Bheemana Kindi - Kanakapura

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Post Date : 13 Aug 2022

Bheemana Kindi trek is one of the lesser-known treks around Bangalore. Even though it is close to the famous Kabbala Durga, not many know about the Bheemana Kindi trek. This trek starts from a village called Kanchana Halli near Kabbala village. This entire region comes under the Kabbala state forest. Loaded with some interesting historical stories, legends have it that while Kunti was bringing food to Bheema, she lost her way in the forest. To rescue her, Bheema hit the topmost cliff with his mace and paved an entry through the arch for his mother. However, Geologists believe that the arch was formed due to weathering and erosion.On the top of the hill, there is a Bheemana Kindi Basaveshwara temple. The villagers offer their prayers on Mondays and Fridays.The trail is well defined and can be done by beginners. Most of the trek is through sections of forest and grassland. During a weekend, you can spend some quality time with your friends or family on the top of this hill. For the adventurous, go further after the rock arch to reach the topmost point.

During monsoon season, the trail can become slippery. Hence, we recommend you avoid trekking in the monsoon season.The summer season is not recommended as the extreme heat may not allow you to enjoy the trek.