Adichunchanagiri Hills

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Post Date : 23 Feb 2024

The Main deity here is Shri Gangadhadeshwara and Kshetrapalaka of this divine place is Kalabhirava. 

To reach this place we drove via NICE road and NH75. Near Belur cross, we have to take a right turn towards Chunchanagiri betta 

In NH75, we had breakfast at Food Culture. Here masala Dosa will be very good. Though the restaurant was crowded because of weekend and some confusion in taking orders. Still there were no compromises on the quality of the food 

Then we left towards Adichunchanagiri kshetra.  We reached there at around 10.45 am. There is ample space for the parking. Footwears has to left in the slipper stand which is next to car parking.  So, if it's too sunny. Be ready to walk in barefoot on the heated rocks 😃 

We first took Darshana of Kalabhirava and Adi Shakthi. The place is filled with divinity 🙏🙏. and there was no queue. Temple is big and spacious with good architecture.

Next, we need to climb up to take Darshana of Nandi, Malleswara swamy Temple and Gangadhadeshwara Temple.  You have to climb steps to go for this temple. 

Next comes climbing the rocks to reach Gavisiddeshwara temple. It's a small trek and worth going to take the Darshana of Gavisiddeshwara 🙏. You get beautiful view of the surrounding filled with greenery.  Still, you can climb up to reach Dwajastamba, but we stopped here and came back. Mutta offers you lunch which is tasty Anna Sambhar and Payasam. 

Overall, we spent good time visiting the Temple and sat for some time in Mutta premises watching the scenic view.

We left to Bangalore at around 2 PM. Had tasty tea in Swathi Delicacy restaurant. Roads are good and traffic was smooth 

It's only 2 hrs from Bangalore.  It's a one-day trip. And there are plenty of restaurants in the highway. To spend good time and also to seek blessings of Gangadhadeshwara and Kalabhirava, this the place to visit.