Ulsoor-Poo Palki-Theru

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Post Date : 13 Apr 2022

Poo pallaki, palanquin made of flowers, in Ulsoor, Bengaluru was one of the Prominent Local Festival,on the month of April.Temples in and around the area spend weeks decorating the chariot with flowers before placing the Temple idols inside for a parade. The parade, which starts at 5 am, goes on till late evening with food, music and dance and peddlers selling bangles, balloons and what not. 

Ulsoor, or Halasuru, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city of Bangalore.

The village of Bangalore is said to have been gifted to KempeGowda by the Vijaynagar emperors. The Ulsoor Lake was built by his successor, Kempe Gowda II, and is the only surviving tank built by the Gowda kings in Bangalore. The first British military station was set up in Halasuru in 1807.

There used to be a jackfruit orchard near the Ulsoor Lake, and the Kannada name for JackFruit eing 'Halasina Hannu', the area came to be known as Halasuru. During the British rule, the name was anglicised to 'Ulsoor.

Halasuru Someshwara Temple is located in the neighborhood of Halasuru ,is one of the old temples in the city dating back to the Chola period, it is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

I had always loved the way Rural festivals  are done, even though I miss the vibe. It just was never the same. And this  poo pallaki festival in Bengaluru ,brings back that nostalgic feeling. People, shops and the music, I felt like I was being transported back to the time when I was a starry-eyed kid looking around the shops and can’t wait to have my hands on the yummy looking unhealthy sugar-coated food.