Impromptu Road trip from Bengaluru to Coorg with our 1.5 yr old daughter

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Neha Verma

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Post Date : 11 Apr 2022

On a random Thursday night , we thought of visiting Coorg ,and started preparing to leave early morning. We left around 6:30 am from Bangalore, had breakfast at around 8am at Shree Kamdhenu restaurant and reached Coorg by lunch time. We had lunch at The Big Cup cafe  , and booked a homestay called CherryLoft after reaching there. To our surprise or rather we can say to our shock, the homestay staff told us that there was a weekend curfew due to Covid . So we decided to cover the tourist attraction on Friday itself.

We went to the Raja seat and TalaKaveri and made the most of our time on the same day when we reached . At night we planned for the next day, because the tourist attractions were closed due to curfew so we decided to book a resort with its private waterfall and coffee plantations. And that turned out to be the best decision of our trip. We had a great time staying amidst nature , trekked through the coffee  and black pepper plantations and had a hell lot of fun under the waterfall.

We have beautifully captured the whole experience on our youtube channel Travelling Kida. The link for the first vlog is given below and the link to the playlist is

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