Beauties and the Besties- Weekend getaway with my school friends

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Kavita Mansur

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Post Date : 24 Jul 2023

Weekend Getaway to Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Spa Bangalore, with my Girl Gang. Some of us have been friends for 40+ yrs and a few of us for 30+ yrs

Since most of us entered or are entering our 50th yr of journey on this Planet this year, we decided to catch up over a weekend 2 nights and 3 days stay at Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Spa near KGI Airport Bengaluru, 3 of us are from Bangaluru, 1 from Hyderabad, and 1 from Belgavi and one from Thane, Started our weekend with BFT at Koshy's and drove to WFPRAS.


Since our primary school days till today, we have shared everything

From pencils/erasers to Notebooks and textbooks

From Lunch boxes to water bottles

From bus rides to playgrounds

From School punishments to school picnics

From first stayovers to late-night outings

From our triple-seat cycle and two-wheel rides to all-girls driving holidays

From Secrets about fist crushes and Boyfriends to heartbreaks

From our first drink to pub hopings

From frocks to sarees

From jewelry to footwear

From our dreams and aspirations to failures and disappointments

From late-night gossip to early-morning Tuition

From the excitement of marriage to Tips on husbands

From tips on raising children to managing in-laws

From managing our careers to managing our colleagues

Here we are As Strong as ever, as bonded as ever, As loved as ever

spending 3 beautiful days of our lives reliving all that we have shared over the years

Cheers to Us


Resort Review: the resort is surrounded by greenery. Good lavish spacious rooms. good Buffet BFST and Lunch. Good variety of cocktails and mocktails. Availability of Swimming pool and other activities like rope climbing etc( We didn't use any activities)

The only drawback was Network issues. none of the networks worked- which in fact helped us to be away from our husbands and children. However they provide Wifi access on demand.