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Important Info

  • Entry Time : 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Falls :  Entry Fee : Rs 20
  • Falls : Time Required : 1 to 2 hrs
  • Falls : Walking Distance : 800 m
  • Lake : Walking Distance : 2 km
  • Lake : Time Required : 1 to 2 hrs
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Pykara Lake

Its one of the most beautiful lake in Ooty. The lake with its boating facilities makes it a good time for the family outing in Ooty. The lake is very clean and water is crystal clear. Lake is surrounded by pine Forests which add to its beauty.

A boat-ride around the lake is worthy and very enjoyable. In recent days Ooty lake is becoming too much crowded and is ill-maintained too. So, most of the tourists are selecting Pykara Lake over the Ooty lake to take a boat ride and to enjoy the natural beauty. 

Pykara Falls

Pykara falls is must see & easily accessible attraction in Ooty. Water from the Pykara lake near by flows over rocks and soon turn into gentle rapids.

Not exactly waterfalls, more like flowing river. The view point gives a really good view. You can't reach the water, and it's good as the flow is pretty huge here.

Travel Tips

  • Falls : Need to trek around 800 m from parking area to the falls. There is approx 200 staircase.
  • Falls : Parking is not available here, we need to park somewhere on the road.
  • Lake : Need to walk for 2 km from the parking area to the lake.
  • Lake : Panoramic view is awesome on a cloudy day or a rainy day.
  • Lake : Motor boat is available for 8 or 10 people. A family of five has to wait for another family of two or three.
  • Lake : The boat prices are on a higher side.

Detailed Information

Pykara Lake

The lake is beautiful with blue water surrounded by green forest.  The distant hills create additional beauty to the lake-view.

There are two types of boats. One is which accommodates 8 person at a cost of Rs 820. This cannot be booked by persons, but as the whole boat. Other one is speed boat which may not be a good idea for small children. Speed boat is the main attraction, little expensive at Rs 850. The total ride time is approximately half hour. Boating with children is safe there because they will provide life jackets. The lake is approximately 90 ft deep.

Pykara is on way to Mudumalai Jungle on Kerala-Karnataka Border  which is approximately 20 km from Ooty. Approximately 2 km walking distance from parking area to the lake entrance. There is electrical car which takes us from the main gate to the entrance of the fall for a cost of Rs 20 per head (one way).

Pykara Falls

Pykara falls are very beautiful and area around is clean. We have to trek 800 meter to reach the falls. There is approx 200 staircase. The trek down is easy but back journey leaves you gasping for breath.


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