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Dodabetta Peak

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Important Info

  • Entry Time : 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Entry Fee : Rs. 10
  • Best Time : Oct - Jan
  • Time Required : 1 to 2 hrs 
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Dodabetta Peak, which is the highest point in the Nilgiri district at a height of 2623m. This is located about 6km from the city. If the climate is clear, we can see as far as the plains of Coimbatore and the Mysore plateau. The peak is surrounded by thick Nilgiri forest. This spot will be over crowded most of the time and the parking area is very small. There are many roadside shops selling souvenirs where you can get for cheap rates. It is an excellent place to visit, cool breeze all the time.

From the top we will get an amazing 360-degree views of the valley. Also, at the top we can find a telescope house with two telescopes available at a minimal fee. A fantastic way to see places of interest in Ooty!

This is the perfect place to hangout in Ooty especially after 4 pm. The sky turns dusky with beautiful clouds and mist is just around everywhere. Doddabetta peak undoubtedly a must-visit place in Ooty.

Travel Tips

  • The road to the peak is in a very bad state. 
  • There is less parking space at the top the peak.
  • The place is over crowded all the time.
  • Bike riders should have all proper documents as police checking will be there throughout the day :)
  • Must try an ice-cream from here..!

Detailed Information

Doddabetta Peak offers a scenic view of the valley around it. In the Ooty - Kotagiri route, we need to take a right towards the peak. The road is narrow till the main gate. From here we can take the pathway to reach the view point. Be prepared for a short climb to reach the peak from the car park. We have to climb several well placed and long steps. The path goes down in the centre with climb at both ends. Therefore we have to go through it while going as well as comming.

Doddabetta is only 8 km away from Ooty Railway Station and Bus Stand and 95.5 km from Coimbatore Airport. The term Doddabetta means Big Mountain in Badaga language. It is a combination of two words Dodda meaning big and Betta which means mountain. There are two telescopes in the glass paned telescope house. We can view the entire town from this view point.

We can enjoy some carrots, corn cob, some mangoes and some peanuts and chill fresh air. Also its recommended to have a cup of ice cream from this place which suits the chillness here.

The entire peak is filled with a large variety of vegetation including several medicinal herbs and rhododendron trees. Rhododendron flower is an edible plant which is used for making traditional medicines, herbal tea such as the “Labrador Tea”, etc.

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