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  • Location : Kerala
  • Best Time : August to March
  • Railway Station : Ernakulam
  • Airport : Cochin
  • Days Required : 2 days
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Kanthalloor is on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu, located between the beautiful hill stations Udumalpet and Munnar. Kanthalloor and its surroundings are a part of the Shola evergreen forest ranges and the rugged terrain provides scenic beauty in the form of waterfalls, mountain views, eucalyptus forests and the wildlife that they hold within.

Kanthalloor is a perfect escapade from the busy city life and offers an unforgettable experience to all the visitors. The major places for Kanthalloor sightseeing includes Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pattisseri Dam, Keezhanthoor Waterfalls, Mannavan Shola Forests, Kulachivayal Rocks, Anaimudi Sholai National Park, Sandalwood Forest, Dolmens and The Cave Temple of Sri Rama. A full day Jeep Safari will cover most of this places.

Another main attraction of this place is Kanthalloor farms with rarely seen fruits and vegetables in other portions of Kerala. Kanthalloor is also near to the top tourist destinations like Munnar, Mattupetty and Marayur.

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Travel Tips

  • Try out Jeep Safari which will cost around Rs.3000 for a day.
  • Avoid Fruits farm, Jaggery plantation and Muniyara (Anakottapara park) from the Jeep safari as its accesible by car.
  • Have a discussion with jeep driver prior and include some other interior places for the Jeep Safari like tribal community or some outer water falls.

Top Attractions in Kanthalloor

Muniyara (Anakottapara Park)

Muniyara (Anakottapara Park)

Muniyara (Anakottapara Park) has remnants of Dolmenoid cists belonging to the Megalithic age ia a le...

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Kanthalloor Jeep Safari

Kanthalloor Jeep Safari

A great Jeep safari ensures the best view of the forest in Kanthalloor.

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Detailed Information

Kanthalloor, the silent hill station situated near to Marayur, in Idukki district of Kerala, is a less recognized tourist destination, but with great appeal for nature lovers. Since the land is not much commercialized in the name of tourism, it safely maintains all its natural treasures and charms unaltered. This place is perfect for a family trip or a romantic getaway.

Marayoor has a natural sandal wood forest, a rare find. Another rarity that happened to be at Marayoor is the ancient burial chambers, the Dolemens. They are scattered here and there and are thousands of years old. Another archaeologically significant find at Marayoor is a cave called Ezhuthu Guha with ancient pictures on walls.

Kanthalloor apple farms are very famous since it is the one and only one place in Kerala where apple nurtures. Kanthalloor farms are also rich with varieties of peach, orange, pear, blackberry, strawberry, custard apple, plum, pomegranate, avocado, gooseberry, fig, lemon, guava, lime, passion fruit, kiwi and more.

Waterfalls are another attraction in Kanthalloor. The main waterfall is near to Kanthalloor town, but there are some other beautiful water falls in the outer area. We need to discuss with the driver before starting and include such places in the Jeep safari and avoid fruit farms, jaggery plantation and muniyara from the jeep safari as it can be accesible from our car.

Kanthalloor is a serene holiday destination with a great scope for adventure. The place is situated 5000 ft above the sea level and provides a cool and comforting climate throughout the year. You can enjoy the touch of dense fog in the early mornings and evenings during the winter seasons. The climate is one of the main attractions for tourists, which makes Kanthalloor the best choice.