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Kanthalloor Jeep Safari

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Important Info

  • Time Required : 4 hrs to 6hrs
  • Full day ride fee : Rs. 3000 - Rs. 2500
  • Half day ride fee : Rs. 2000 
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Kanthalloor is a hidden gem nestling in the midst of the forested evergreen Anamudi Shola ranges of the Western ghats. Trekking and going for a Off road safari are some of the adventure activities, though there is not much wildlife apart from the usual gaur, peacocks, wild boar etc

Jeep Safari or Off road ride gives us different experience in Kanthalloor stay. We can find many Jeep drivers in this small town. They will take us to some of the interior parts of the forests and the tribal community. 

There are 2 kinds of jeep trips, full day and half day. A full day ride will cost around Rs.3000 - Rs.2500 and half day ride will cost around Rs.2000. Its always worth to take the full day drive which will cover most of good places. Some of the major places to visit in this safari are Single mount view point (Othakal para), Bhramaram shooting spot, Kanthalloor Waterfalls, Sandalwood forests, Tribal community etc.

Recommended budget stay @

Kanthalloor Residency

Travel Tips

  • Better to go for the full day safari which costs around Rs.2500 - Rs.3000
  • Avoid Fruits farm, Jaggery plant and Muniyara (Anakottapara park) as this places can be accessible through our car.
  • Ask jeep drivers to add other interior places instead of the above places.
  • We can find only normal restaurants here. 

Detailed Information

Kanthalloor and its surroundings are a part of the Shola evergreen forest ranges and the rugged terrain provides scenic beauty in the form of waterfalls, mountain views, eucalyptus forests and the wildlife that they hold within. This place offers some good trekking and jeep safari to explore the forest area under strict guidelines. 

A full day safari will start at 9am and completes by around 5pm. They will cover places from top of Kanthalloor towards Marayoor town and come back to Kanthalloor. Some of the major spots are:

Single mount view point (Othakal para) : This is an off road drive which will take us into the forest area. We will go through some narrow and bumpy roads which will give the real experience of an off road drive. From the parking area, we need to trek for around 1km through a narrow path to reach the tip of a mountain. This is a real scenic place and a paradise for the photographers.

Bhramaram shooting spot : Famous after the movie malayalam Bhramaram where Mohanlal rides the jeep on top of this rocky mountain. Even thought its not a complete off road route, its better to go in the jeep as the road condition is very bad for the cars. We need to trek through a narrow path for around 500 meters from the parking area to reach this plain rocky view point. This area is surrounded by the lemon grass farming. The view from the top of this rock is really amazing and sunset view is really a good scenary from here.

Fruits Farm : Kanthalloor is also called as the apple village of Kerala. There are few fruits and vegetable garden in this place. Babu chettan's fruits farm is one of the easy accessible farm for the visitors and we have to pay around Rs.10 for one person to enter inside. Apples, Oranges as well as several varieties of Peaches and Plums are grown here. There are also Pears, Cherimoya (soursop), Persimmon, Strawberry, Blackberry, varieties of Guavas, variety of Bananas, Litchis, Tree tomato, Jamun, Black Sapote and the very rare Brazilian tree grape (Jabuticaba) and many many other exotic fruits. 

Safari Routes:

Half Day -  Othamalai Off Road - Bramam Shooting Point - Honey Rock - Kanthalloor Falls - Fruits Garden 

Full Day - Othamalai Off Road - Bramam Shooting Point - Honey Rock - Kanthalloor Falls - Fruits Garden - Erachipara - Ankotapara - Murgan Mala ( Off road) - Jaggery Factory

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