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Munroe Island

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Important Info

  • Best Time : November – February
  • Canoe cruise : Rs.900 / 2hr
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Munroe island (a.k.a) Munro Turuttu is near Kollam, is actually composed by 8 islands together separated by small water channels and lakes. The eight parts of Munroe Island are separated by a network of canals. This 13.4 sq km island is nestled at the confluence of the Asthamudi lake and Kallada river. 

The backwaters at munroe island are formed by the union of Kallada river and Ashtamudi lake in Kerala. This island is named after Colonel John Munroe, the Diwan of Travancore, who is credited for integrating many backwater regions by digging canals.

Canal cruise in the small canoe is one of the major attraction in this beautiful island. The canal cruise will delight kids as it takes you all on an adventure via the backwaters and canals that crisscross in between the eight sections of Munroe Island. The island is known for its tranquility and beauty.

Travel Tips

  • Must Try - Canoe boat tour!
  • Enjoy the real home stay experience and the tasty kerala village food.
  • Cycling can be tried.
  • Don't miss to grab a fresh coconut picked right in front of your eyes by a local.
  • The best time to enjoy is the morning and evenings.
  • Do carry lot of drinking water. 
  • Visit the place during the Kallada Boat race. 

Detailed Information

Munroe island is a place where we will get a stunning view of the beauty that nature has to offer with its lush greenery and emerald waters. Canoe ride is the must try option in this island. During canoe ride you can only hear the nature's sound.

A few years ago the island was not connected through the road transportation. All transport was done by boat. But nowadays, there is a main road and a few secondary roads, with some cars, buses and motorcycles around, but its number is still low. Since this place is not crowded, it is clean and calm.

Its a surprise that Munroe Island has a railway station, it is on the main South Indian Railway line but few trains stop here. 

While cruising through we will be able to notice water bodies covered with blue nets. Those are fish farms and prawn farms and are covered by nets to protect them from birds feeding on them. At places, there were platforms constructed over the channels to cross over or tree branches bending so low.

Munroe island is the perfect location to watch the famous Kallada Boat race. The Kallada boat race happens 28 days after the harvest festival of Onam, around August – September on the river Kallada.

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