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  • Location : Tamilnadu

  • Best Time :  November - February

  • Railway Station :  Chennai

  • Airport : Chennai

  • Days Required : 2 to 3 days

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Chennai, formerly known as Madras is India's south eastern city in the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is a beautiful city and has a unique charm of its own though Chennai will be excessively hot and humid during the summers.

Chennai was officially called as Madras until 1996 and later adapted the Tamil literary name of the city, 'Chennai', but still people love using the name Madras and its used widely.  

This city is suitable for all types of travelers to explore many places. Few amazing places to visit in Chennai include different beaches, historical temples, busy markets, ancient Churches and Cathedrals. It is also the most prominent cultural, educational center and economic center of Southern India.

We can also include the neighbouring Pondichery in the Chennai trips which is only around 150km from Chennai city. The famous Mahabalipuram is on the way to Pondychery in the ECR. We can explore the whole city along with Pondichery in a 4 to 5 days vacation.

Travel Tips

  • Avoid the summer time, as the temperature will be around 45 degree.
  • Watch out a movie in the famous sathyam theater.
  • A 360 degree view from the top of lighthouse will be awesome.
  • Make use of sub-urban trains or metro rather than private cabs as most of the places are connected with it.
  • Both Chennai and Pondychery can be be planned in the same trip with a 4-5 days span.

Top Attractions in Chennai

Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Marina Beach, one of the famous tourist attractions in Chennai, happens to be India's longest and world's second longest...

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Elliot’s beach

Elliot’s beach

Elliot’s beach is widely known as "Besant Nagar Beach" or "Bessie" and is located in Besant Nagar, Chennai, India.

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Mahabalipuram, (a.k.a) Mamallapuram, is a small historic town which is around 60 kms away from the Chennai city.

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Detailed Information

Madras holds an important role in the Indian history and it is one of the main coastal cities of British India along with Calcutta and Bombay. It is believed that the city was popular as a trading post by Francis Day, administrator of the British East India Company, in 1639. Many ancient scriptures talk about Chennai's existence, and a lot of mythical stories are attached to this city and it is said that the origin of Tamil Nadu's capital dates back to 500 BC.

Chennai is the 4th largest city in India and is one of India's safest place. Chennai is considered as the commercial soul of South India and was included in the BBC's recently published list of Top 52 cities to live in. It is said to be a city full of old tales and modern trails.

Beaches are one of the major attraction in the Chennai tourism and every beach lovers will be happy to be in Chennai. Marina beach is the most popular beach in Chennai and it is the longest beach in India. The golden-sand beach is popular among both locals and tourists and you’ll find shops and food stalls with Indian snacks and ice cream here. Besant nagar (Elliots) beach is another famous hangout place in Chennai. One can also try a less crowded Thiruvanmiyur beach.

It is very strange that the Chennai  has a national park within its city limits. Guindy National Park consists of forests, lakes and streams and it spans about 2.7 square kilometres.

Shopping is another important activity in Chennai. Thyagaraya Nagar, popularly known as T-Nagar, is the shopping hub in Chennai and it will be an amazing experience to do shopping here along with thousands of people.

Mahabalipuram is another major attraction in Chennai with its own historical importance. Mahabalipuram is in the outer skirt of Chennai which is around 55km from the city limits which is one the way to Pondichery.