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Post Date : 18 Mar 2022

  Vellore is  located on the banks of the  Palar River,  and is in the northeastern part of Tamilnadu and and about 213.20 kilometres (132 mi) east of Bangalore.

Vellore is strategically located and well-connected by rail and bus routes to major towns in the neighbouring states of  Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Kerala. Many dynasties and rulers dominated Vellore throughout its history, including the Pallava Dynasty,cholesterol,Rastrakutas,Vijaynagar dynasty and Nawabs of Carnatic and the administration of the British.


Palamathi Falls, also known as the Balamathi hills, this is a site which covers a portion of the Eastern Ghats as it runs through Vellore. Abundant Natural Resources,variety of plants,scenic beauty makes this one of the most Treks are routinely arranged from the Vellore Fort to the Palamathi Hills to fulfil guests’ preference for the experience.


Jalakantheswar temple  located inside the Vellore fort, exhibits some excellent examples of Vijaynagar architecture. The temple has some of the best stone carvings and inscriptions featuring a distinct style of its own.

Sripuram, a pilgrimage site in Vellore is truly a remarkable place. The golden temple of Sripuram is said to have been covered with real gold foil and it happens to be the only temple in the world to have done this.

The primary deity of this place of worship is Sri Lakshmi Narayani, the goddess of wealth. One more significant ritual of this place is that about 1008 lamps are lighted for aarti every morning and evening. 

                  One of the unique structures to have been built in India, the Vellore Fort is the city’s most important historical treasure. Built on an area of 133 acres amidst a broken mountain range during the Vijaynagar Empire, this fort was transferred to the Bijapur dynasty,the Mughals and finally the British.

Vellore fort has an Temple, Church, Mosque.

         Vaḷḷimalai is the birth place where Vaḷḷi, the daughter of Lord Vishnu ang Goddess Laxmi. Raised up by the Chief of the tribe, Vaḷḷi grew up to be a beautiful damsel.

                      Narada muni recounted about Vaḷḷi tMurugan thereafter Murugaṉ went to woo the damsel Vaḷḷi. After several attempts and with Lord Ganeshas help, Vaḷḷi and Murugaṉ are united,got married, settle down at Thiruttani.

                 There is another place by same name near Kanyakumari in Kerala State, which subscribes to the same story, where in Valli was born to marry with Murugan.