Upli Burz - The Watch Tower from 15th Century

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Post Date : 11 Jan 2022

Bijapur, a significant district in the Indian state of Karnataka, is an ideal tourist destination for architectural and history enthusiasts. As a tourist in Bijapur, you will come across a variety of ancient structures that are not only historically significant but also testaments to the artists' immaculate skill. The grandeur and splendour of these architectural marvels will take your breath away. The Upli Burj, also known as Upli Buruj and Hyder Buruj, is a must-see site in Bijapur. Many of the historical monuments in Bijapur are well-protected and Upli Burj is one among them. Built-in the 15th century.

The Upli Burj (also known as the Hyder Buruj) was built as a watchtower with a startling height of 80 feet. Hyder Khan, a prominent commander in the Adil Shahi army, was a crucial figure in the construction of this historic monument. This is why the residents of Upli Burj refer to it as Hyder Burj. This watchtower was constructed particularly to strengthen Bijapur's security.

The Adil Shahis utilised the Upli Burj once it was finished to keep an eye on happenings beyond the fort wall. It was also utilised to keep track of their adversaries' presence and movement. The citadel's western walls are adjacent to the watchtower.

The building and placement of Upli Burj are regarded as one of Adil Shahis' outstanding initiatives in establishing a robust and solid defence system for Bijapur.

The Upli Burj functioned as an important watchtower in ancient times, offering security against attackers, and it now serves as an ideal viewing point for tourists looking out over Bijapur. It is one of Bijapur's must-see historical landmarks.

The Upli Burj was constructed by the year AD 1584 and it is situated within Bijapur’s ancient citadel and located towards the north of Dakhani Idgah. This 24 meters high watchtower took a couple of years to complete. The Upli Burj tower is cylindrical in shape and features a winding staircase around the main building.

Visitors to Upli Burj may ascend the steep stairs to the top level, where they can see two historic cannons that were once an important element of Bijapur's defence system. You will be treated to a breathtaking view of Bijapur city after you reach the top of Upli Burj. This vista will leave you speechless, and you will remember it for years to come!

The Upli Burj's overall structure and architecture will certainly fascinate you. The extremely trained craftspeople who created this historical relic deserve praise. This towering cylindrical building with its winding stairway is one of Bijapur's most popular tourist attractions and should not be missed by anybody visiting the city.

You can visit Upli Burj any time between 6 am to 5 pm on all days. You would ideally need about an hour to explore and enjoy this beautiful architectural masterpiece.

At Upli Burj one does not have to pay any entry fees.

If you do decide to visit the beautiful Upli Burj, then you need to keep a couple of things in mind:

  • The stairway to the top of Upli Burj is fairly steep, it is not suggested for old individuals to ascend it.
  • Carry plenty of water with you because ascending up the twisting staircase will make you thirsty.
  • Upli Burj is an open building with no shade, use caps and scarves to protect yourself.
  • Remember to bring your camera since the vista from the summit is something you'll want to photograph and frame.

The best time to plan your trip to Bijapur is during the months of October to February. During this time the weather is pleasant and mild, making it pleasurable for you to explore the city and visit all of its sightseeing spots. Since the summers in Bijapur can be quite hot and humid, it is highly recommended to avoid visiting Bijapur during the summers. You can visit Bijapur during the monsoon season as well and enjoy its lush greenery.

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