Ibrahim Rouza - The Black Taj Mahal Of India

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Post Date : 13 Dec 2021

On the western outskirts of the city, lies this exquisite group of buildings containing the twin edifices of the sepulchre of Ibrahim Adil Shah and a mosque. Adorned by slender minarets at each corner, of the utmost elegance and delicacy, fine stone filigree and decorative work. The Ibrahim Rouza is rated as on one of the most beautifully proportioned Islamic monuments in India and an inspiration for the Taj Mahal. The mosque is also a beautiful edifice with five grand arches, ornamented by carved medallions and hanging stone chains. Built on a high stone terrace, the monuments are framed by a lofty tower, ornamented with four graceful minarets, approached by a path through formal gardens.

Ibrahim Rauza is the tomb complex where Ibrahim Adil Shah II is buried alongside his spouse ruler Taj Sultana.

It is one among the supreme accomplishments of the Adil Shahi’s which is remarkably considered and finely brightened. It was completed within the year 1627 by Ibrahim Adilshah –II, it may be a square structure with twin buildings and fragile carvings. The building was outlined by the Persian designer Malik Shoe with the sentence of Quraan are delightfully secured on the dividers.

Ibrahim Roza is Ibrahim Adil Shah II's tomb, with his two sons and mother on the left and a mosque on the right, set in a walled garden overlooking an attractive pond. The tomb is housed in a 13-meter-long chamber with a ceiling divided into nine squares with curved sides. It is one of Bijapur's magnificent mosques and tombs, known for its graceful arches, halls, intricate designs, and a large crowning onion dome.

The dome, which rises from a lotus petal base, is said to be 24 metres tall and inspired by the Taj Mahal in Agra. The large fountain and reservoir that separates the mosque from the tomb are considered one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture. This consists of interconnected buildings with flawless domes topped with crescent moons and surrounded on four corners by symmetrical minarets that manage structural simplicity with intricate stonework with point arches leading to cool high ceiling chambers and walls richly decorated with sculptures and hangings.


The Ibrahim Roza and the mosque were built in the walled garden facing the ornamental pond between the 15th and 17th centuries. This was about 2 kilometres from Bijapur on the city's western outskirts. It has extensive sculptural decorative work as well as intricate design work.


Visiting Timings: Morning 6 AM IST to Evening 6 PM IST

How To Reach: Nearest airports are Goa, Pune and Hyderabad Internation airports. Belagavi is the nearest domestic airport. If by Train Bijapur Railway station is linked with Bengaluru, Mumbai and other major cities & By Road Vijayapura is well connected with other cities by bus

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