Diu and Daman revealed



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Post Date : 28 Nov 2021
Being an avid traveler, there are many destinations that are in my wish-list. Northeast, south India are some of the destinations that are on top of the list. I have never visited Goa and I heard that Daman is very much like Goa but with much less crowd. Daman and Diu Union Territory, these twin enclaves were previously a Portuguese colony. Daman and Diu still exude traces of their colonial past, reflected in the iconic landmarks, the architecture and traditions seen in the area today. Old forts and churches stand proudly as a test of time. The water calls out to the curious and the adventurous. Quiet gardens contrast with windy beaches. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation – seafood, sun and sports await you at Daman and Diu. If you love to be in peace and want to enjoy the true beauty of nature then Diu and Daman are the perfect destination for you. I had a great experience throughout the trip of this beautiful place. It's really worth to visit specially the Naida caves in Diu, resembles Arizona canyons. The food also having the great variety of gujrati dishes and the taste was yummy. Thank you ❤️

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