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Aayushi Sahay

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Post Date : 01 Dec 2021
Varanasi is a city full of culture, history and belief. All the festivals are celebrated to the fullest. Cheers to Banaras

Having a long weekend without a trip is so not me. But this time I was low at budget and I wanted to go somewhere that can calm my soul and clear my doubts. This lockdown has been harsh on us all. And which place can be better than Varanasi. A place with belief, culture, great food and peace.

Being a female solo traveller, I was lil conscious about where I'll stay and also I was looking for some company. A trip without making new friend is absolutely nothing. So I chose a hostel called ''Gostops'', for which by the way I give ten on ten.

I landed Varanasi, formerly called as 'Banaras' on Dev Deepawali and the city was decorated as a bride. The river banks were true pictures of festivity. i went for Ganga aarti (evening prayer) and participated like I belong to this place.
After that I walked to my hostel and didn't take a vehicle just to experience this atmosphere. The fragrance of the prayer all around, the chilly weather, the street food. It was all too tempting. Nearby I had this amazing Banarsi paan which is to die for. I talked to the shopkeeper for a bit. I love talking to the localities and understand their livelihoods and thoughts about their place.

Next day I went to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which is one of the main reasons Varanasi is famous for. After finishing my visit it the temple I headed for the boat ride in the Ganges. The ride took me though all the ghats (river banks) and my boat rider told me the history behind them.
In the evening I went out for the street food hunt, followed by a small dinner with some friends I made in the hostel. We all spent the night wandering the ghats. It was so peaceful, no doubt Ganges is called the holiest river and I totally experienced it. 

The third day was a goodbye to the city. I will surely keep this trip close to my heart cause sitting on the ghat at night was a real bliss to me. And I will prefer its former name Banaras, cause its all about the culture and the history. Banaras is a Bliss.

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