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Paradise Beach

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Important Info

  • Best Season : November - January
  • Required Time : 2 hrs - 3 hrs
  • Entry Timing : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Entry Fees :  Rs. 150 / person
  • Still Camera :  Rs. 20
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Paradise Beach is an isolated beach located at Chunnambar in the Cuddalore Main Road. Chunnambar Boat House is a very deep backwater with a boating facility from Chunnambar to Paradise beach and it takes around 20-30 minute ferry to reach the beach. 

The ferry towards the beach will be very scenic and is surrounded by thick mangrove forests and a lot of birds can be spotted here. Ferry towards the beach will be closed by 4:30 PM and it's advisable to reach the boathouse well before that.

The most attractive feature of this beach is its calm and clean environment. Also, the sand here is extraordinarily soft and people love to relax some time on this beach sand, watching the blue waves. Since the crowd will be very less comparing the other beaches, people can try some sports like beach volleyball or football. We can bring our own ball for the game or ask the staff for one.

There are a few food stalls and shops available at this beach with limited food options like Tender Coconut water, Kulfi, Icecream, and a few snacks. There are a large number of huts available at the beach which provide some shelter from the hot sun for the visitors.

Travel Tips

  • Because of the high current in the water, it is not advisable to go deep in the sea.
  • Keep one extra pair of clothing with you as it will be useful if going to enjoy water sports here.
  • A changing room facility is available here to change after having fun in the water.
  • Make sure to carry our own bottle of water to keep hydrated as there is only small shops in the beach with limited food availability.
  • Outside food is not allowed.
  • Enjoy some sports like volleyball or football here as it will be a unique experience.
  • Don’t go on weekends to avoid heavy rush.

Detailed Information

The real name of this beach is Chunnambar, but very few people call this beach by its original name. The beach is popularly known as Paradise Beach because of two reasons, first one is that this beach offers a peaceful experience to its visitors and the second is that this beach is only accessible by boat from the mainland, Chunnambar Boat House. There is a good parking space in the Chunnambar Boat House to park our vehicle and then carry ahead with the ferry ride towards the beach. There is a ticket counter at the Chunnambar Boat House to get the ferry tickets and the entry fee for each person is 150 INR. The beach remains open from 9 AM to 5 PM.  

Though Paradise beach is surrounded by water on three sides, but it still has one roadway to reach. This is a very small road and a bumpy ride can take to one side of the beach. Although this is not the main entrance of the beach, we can still park the vehicle and walk along the beach to the main entrance, where the shops are located. These roads are mainly used by the local people and not by the tourists.

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