Moonland of Rajasthan

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Post Date : 05 Dec 2023

About 2hrs journey from the Pink City - Jaipur, lies a small industrial town called Kishangarh. This town is known for its emerging marble industries and as you drive through it, you can see multiple shops displaying the most exquisite marble collection. And amidst it, lies the Moon Land of Rajasthan.

Once you reach Dumping Yard Kishangarh, also called the Moon Land of Rajasthan, you will find yourself surrounded by a picturesque landscape of white snowy grounds and mounds that resemble beautiful hills. This vast expanse of land, covered in a dreamy blanket of snow is in reality, just marble waste generated during marble cutting and processing. Once you reach at Kishangarh you need to show the pass which you'll get at dumping site only. 

Best time to visit during winters. You can visit between January to March