Hampi - an archeological marvel

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Post Date : 29 Dec 2023


Hampi is a place which is must visit for everyone. A place which tells the story of our ancient civilisation. It takes you to the different world. It’s a beautiful experience. 

Since childhood, I have heard the stories of Hampi. About the glory of Vijayanagar empire. And the place importance with respect to Ramyana. Finally, after all these years visited the place. Words fall short to describe the beauty of this city. And two days visit is too short for Hampi. 

We started our journey on 2nd December. We left Bangalore at 7.30 am. For breakfast We stopped at Shri Rathnam Veg restaurant, Dabbaspet. Good one. From there our next stop for tea was near Hulikere which comes after crossing Chitradurga and name of the restaurant was Anand Vihar. Tea was really good. We decided to have lunch in Hampi itself. Roads are very good and also scenic. Do give a stop when you enter the Hampi and spend some time watching the backwaters of Tungabhadra River. We reached Hampi by 1.30 pm. We had booked room in Clark's inn, Kamalapura 

We decided to start exploring Hampi from 4pm 

Day 1, we covered 

Hemakoota, Sasivekalu and Kadlekalu Ganesha, Virupakhsa Temple and spent good time at the banks of Tungabhadra River. Ensure to finish watching the places before sunset. after that the most of the places will get closed and it was dark without much street lights 

Dinner, we had at Mango tree Restaurant. decent one 

 Day 2

Breakfast we had at Udupi Family restaurant. Masala Dosa was really good 👌

Again from 10 am, we started exploring the places. We had hired a guide which is much needed 

We covered Underground chamber, Maha Navami Dibba, Stepped well, Hazara Rama temple, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stable, Queen’s bath

Lunch break: Lunch at Varsha Restaurant-Good one for meals 

After lunch we covered Vijayavittala Temple, Ugra Narasimha, Badavi linga, Krishna Temple, 
Yanthrodaraka Anjaneya Temple 

Dinner at Varsha restaurant 

 Day 3

We started at 7.30 am. We covered only Anjanadri Temple 🙏. Divine place. A place where presence of Anjaneya was there and we could feel it. Steps to climb the hill is 575 steps. And everyone will be chanting Jai Shree Ram which gives you energy to climb the steps. Start early before it becomes sunny as it will easy to climb the steps. Shelter is constructed only for half distance. We spent good time on the top of the hill.  After coming down went back to Kamalapura and we had breakfast again at Udupi Family restaurant 

We left to Bangalore at 12pm 

We had lunch at Sukhsagar, near Chitradurga 

Next took a tea break at Paakashala restaurant, Sira 

Traffic was smooth as it was weekday. I can say one of the best drives for us

Overall, it was a memorable trip to Hampi with an awesome drive and a good stay

Our guide for Hampi was very good. His narration was so good. We could imagine the Era of Vijayanagar empire. 

Our Guide name was Hanumantha Reddy

Contact no: 9448719144

We didn't cover too many places in a hurry. We wanted to understand each and every place importance. Whichever place We couldn't cover, will visit next time for these places 😊

Remember to carry a cap, water bottle and be ready to walk, so wear a comfortable shoe.

Keerthini Sadashiva