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Shreevalli Krishna

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Post Date : 01 Feb 2024

Kalpavruksha home stay in Dandeli is a simple home stay and who is running it is a very humble human being and we paid only 1500/- per person which includes three times food and snacks (including non veg),no games as such but they took us to the midst of the forest to show a beautiful waterfalls and we played there and had our lunch there itself…

We had booked for river rafting at jungle lodges,once in lifetime opportunity one shouldn’t miss…. Kali river rafting is the best rafting so far and thoroughly enjoyed the water stream… it was safe,we paid extra money to our guides to get the recorded picture's and videos which happened to take in between the streams… Dandeli is a lovable place for wildlife photographers as they photograph Malabar giant squirrel and Horn bills,we also saw many hornbills and malabar giant squirrel too… After the rafting,we came to our homestay and rested for few hours and again left to jungle safari,we didn’t find anything but enjoyed the nature…


Next day again we all went to see Kali river back waters and the nature is so amazing and beautiful… but forest department has to impose strict rules for those who destroy the beauty of nature,we saw many bottles,plastics and glass pieces around… There are many crocodiles in Kali river which rests on the shore,they are surrounded by plastics,sad to see this…

Its our duty not only to see the wolf animals but also to take care of their surroundings… Say no to plastics and if your drink,please carry back those bottles with you than destroying the nature….