Bangalore to Kerala Road Trip. An Amazing Ride to Kerala!

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Susan Manoj

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Post Date : 24 Feb 2022

Normally we travel by road in day time so that we can enjoy the scenic beauty throughout the journey. Normally travelling through Tamil Nadu is a bit of dry experience, but as we travelled in the month of November, it was really cool climate. Tamil Nadu gets rains in November. We usually have our breakfast from a very small hotel in Salem highway. Their speciality is that they cook food on fire woods. And varieties of Dosas are available over there. For lunch, we prepare it and pack it in banana leaves. It is called "pothichor" in Malayalam. It is really yummy to have meals packed in a cooked banana leaf.

To avoid the boredom of travel, we explored some small places on the way. We can see lot of hills on both sides of highway. Kids always ask us to climb on these every time when we go to Kerala. So we planned to do a rock climbing this time. We could see a suitable one near Salem. It was really fun to climb on it. Our pet cat "Chukku" also was with us to climb it. Then we  headed towards Kerala again. And stepped down in a beautiful place for lunch. We just roamed in that place. We could hear the sound of peacocks but couldn't find them. It was my daughter's wish to have lunch in an open space in her tent. She was so happy doing that :) We continued our journey again. It was a new experience for us to travel through Kuthiran tunnel. Then we headed to Kothamangalam directly which is our native place. I have shown our travel clips in my video. Hope you will enjoy it.