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  • Location : Karnataka

  • Best Time :  September - February

  • Railway Station :  Kadur

  • Airport : Mangalore

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Chikmagalur lying on the folds of Western Ghats is blessed with unmatched natural beauty making it a hot destination for thrill seekers, shutterbugs and nature lovers. The divine temples proffer tranquil ambience, serenity and positive vibes to calm the mind and soul.

The stunning Mullayanagiri Peak stands proud and tall, the highest peak of Karnataka, favoured by trekkers. Bababudanagiri ranges are named after Baba Budan, a sufi saint, who is believed to have introduced coffee in India in the year 1670, from Yemen.

Manikyadhara Waterfalls and Jhari Falls are popular among tourists offering them a refreshing dip in its cool waters.
Other major attractions in this entrancing hill station are Kudremukha National Park, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Hebbe Falls, Z point, Sringeri Sharadhamba Temple, Kalhatti Falls, Bhadra Dam and Coffee Museum.

Post monsoons are the best time to visit when the entire landscape greets you with its lush and bountiful charm, when the aromatic fragrance of coffee wafts in the air, when several seasonal streams and falls delights everyone with their gracious flow.

Travel Tips

  • Try out the lip smacking, unique flavours of Malanad cuisine
  • Try river rafting in Bhadra River
  • Shop for Coffee, Spices, Handmade Chocolates and Sandalwood
  • Go adventure cycling on the lofty hills and scenic valleys

Detailed Information

Karnataka is gifted with a long and attractive shore line by the aquamarine waters of Arabian Sea on one side and wide spread forest covers on the slopes of undulating mountains formed by Western Ghats. ‘’One State, Many Worlds’’ as the saying goes, Karnataka has a myriad of choices for tourists of all genre. Chikmagalur, with cloud-kissing peaks, misty trekking trails and plentitude of greenery, invites the city-zens to curl up in the lap of Mother Nature.

Mullayanagiri Peak Trek remains the top attraction with a challenging trail, picturesque terrain and unhindered views from the top luring the adventurists to tread its soil. A cave temple on the top is for the inquisitive minds to explore.

Manikyadhara Waterfalls crashing from a height of 30 ft is a delightful sight to behold. The name translates to ‘’string of pearls’’ owing to the droplets glittering in sunlight, resembling pearls. 

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected Tiger reserve, housing several endangered species of flora and fauna, it is a heaven for wildlife enthusiasts. Jeep safari, Trekking, Bird Watching and water sports in Bhadra River, cutting across the sanctuary are some of the adventure activities visitors can experience here.